ER Telepsychiatry

by Dr. Terra Caudill

Telepsychiatry Services

Do you have adequate psychiatry coverage? Consider Telepsychiatry consults.

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Avoid high cost locums fees. Have Dr. Caudill on standby for backup coverage.

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Partnership with recruiters and physicians to find the coverage you need.

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Telepsychiatry Benefits

Improved access to timely psych evaluation and care.

Reduced length of stay.

Increased staff and patient safety.

Reduced unnecessary admissions.

Reduced inappropriate transfers.

Collaboration with onsite professionals to facilitate timely disposition.

Telepsychiatry Consults

By Dr. Terra Caudill

Temporary Coverage

Dr. Caudill provides temporary coverage for vacations, illness and maternity leave.

Permanent Coverage

Dr. Caudill provides initial telepsychiatry consults and rounding for those waiting on placement.


Dr. Caudill is actively licensed in Florida, Illinois, North Carolina, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia.

Our Partners

We are partnering with recruiters and physicians to find the coverage you need.

For Hospitals
If you are a hospital who would like to have us coordinate your recruiting, contact us.

 For Recruiters
If you are a recruiting firm that would like to partner with us, contact us.

For Psychiatrists
If you are a psychiatrist that would like telepsychiatry work, contact us.

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